Prior to COVID-19, Jobs Queensland built economic modeling around the Anticipated Future Skills (AFS) for employment projections with regions, industries, occupations and qualifications. The projections were for 2019-2024 and provide useful insights into future skills and workforce opportunities for the Queensland economy.

The AFS data models baseline employment projections as well as three scenarios based on the possible evolvement of the Queensland labour market. This information supports further understanding on the influences of future skills needs. The three scenarios are:

  • Baseline – “business as usual” scenario developed around the Queensland Government’s 2018–19 Budget Paper and Commonwealth and industry forecasts.
  • Scenario 1 – exploring technological change by increasing labour productivity of all industries each year relative to the baseline.
  • Scenario 2 – examining the impact of increasing interstate migration with a declining proportion of working age population (15–64 years).
  • Scenario 3 – investigating the impact on employment if the price of coal and iron ore fall by 50 percent relative to the baseline.

Although the figures are pre-COVID-19, the AFS data is a valuable insight as it provides an insight in regional areas such as the Wide Bay.  To read the full report and begin exploring the AFS portal,  click below